Welcome to Royal Caravan Hotel & Outbound

Experience a unique sensation while stay at Royal Caravan Hotel & Outbound. Consists of several parts of caravan, Royal Caravan Hotel & Outbound is one-of- a-kind accomodation that you will not find anywhere. House with wheels are surrounded by the forest area, provide you with bunch of adventurous feeling for you and your comrades. Each caravan has the same quality interior just like the hotel standard and designed creatively to make your stay unforgettable.

Like the sensation of outdoor living, you can feel the freshness of the forestry area. The caravans are surrounded by trees and plants, and circling around the central area. Feel more togetherness by campfire and barbeque party with the others right in the wide area provided by the hotel. The barbeque and campfire activities are available through by request. Our staffs will gladly help assist you to meet your detailed point of requests.

Do not ever worried about the facilities. All of the wheely hotels are equipped with complete amenities like toiletries, shower, tea and coffee maker, air conditioner, bottled mineral water and comfortable beds. Wi-Fi is also free and available in all area.

Royal Caravan Hotel and Outbound is located at Trawas, Mojokerto. The calming location of Trawas is undeniable so calming for the travelers who seek natural gateway or those who seek adventures since Royal Caravan Hotel and Outbound has some outbound facilities for who want to challenge themselves in several games. Our professional Outbound Master will gladly assist you in all of your needs. Other request such as meeting can be held in Royal Caravan’s meeting room. The wide meeting space can be designed like what you need and all of the facilities are povided to support your successful meeting.

With all of the distinct points and amenities, you can get everything you want in Royal Caravan Hotel & Outbound. Stay and experience the brand new world!

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