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Increasing Hotel Demand in Surabaya

The tourism sector in East Java has increased slightly year by year. According to the annual data from Surabaya Tourism Department, the amount of the foreign tourists that visit Surabaya -the capital city of East Java- has increased more than the department’s target. The growth reach almost twice in 2014 or 189% higher than the amount in 2008. […]

How to Select the Perfect Hotel

Finding a perfect hotel is a dream come true for those who have the plan for vacation. It may be seems simple, but it is exactly one of the most important thing when you want to have a delightful moment of gateway. Basically, find a perfect hotel room means matching your taste with the rooms and service that […]

Welcome to Royal Caravan Hotel & Outbound

Experience a unique sensation while stay at Royal Caravan Hotel & Outbound. Consists of several parts of caravan, Royal Caravan Hotel & Outbound is one-of- a-kind accomodation that you will not find anywhere. House with wheels are surrounded by the forest area, provide you with bunch of adventurous feeling for you and your comrades. Each caravan has the […]